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FDI Access Safewalk Crutches

FDI Access Safewalk Crutches

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Access is about design and innovation combined with comfort for all who require a strong comfortable walking aid without a heavy price.

The FDI SafeWalk is identical to the Access in design. The SafeWalk however features a standard plastic grip.

Who is it intended for?

The FDI Access is destined to everyone, from a passing strain to a broken leg, it suits every day-to-day situation. Easy to carry, easy to store and comfortable to use.


• Weight of single crutch - 460g.
• Maximum load weight - 130kg.
• Longest adjustable height - 993mm Measured from hand grip to feet.
• Lowest adjustable height - 700mm Measured from hand grip to feet.
• 14 Incremental height adjustments.
• Tube Material - High quality Aluminium.
• Distance between hand grip and cuff - 217mm.
• The FDI SafeWalk Crutches as standard come with shock absorbing anti-slip feet and a plastic handle.
• Fully replaceable - Hand grips, ferrules and locking pins
• Available in 6 colours - Purple, Blue, Red, White, Black, Beige

Special Features

FDI Access Crutches are not only stylish but aid with the general inconvenience of using crutches on a daily basis. The two sticks interlock to stand up vertically without other accessories and can be easily balanced vertically or on a flat surface when not in use.

They also interlock laterally allowing the user to hold a stair ramp in one hand and the sticks in the other, and still lean on one of the sticks.

Adjusting Crutch Length

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